We’ve all been there; you buy a new phone charger and as the weeks go by it begins to look like it’s wearing a turtle neck. Which would be fine if that’s all that happened, but unfortunately just like that one favourite sweater we all have, it eventually rips or tears.

The Infamous Breaking Charger The Infamous Breaking Charger

The good news is that although nothing is forever, we have created a solution for greatly extending the life of your current charger cable. This thing even works on chargers that have already began tearing.

We at CordCondom have been busy the past year testing many different ways of protecting cables, many of which worked well but few that were fun to do. We tried things like springs and clips and heat shrink materials. These products get the job done but take a lot of time to install and have a high likelihood of damaging your charger if installed incorrectly (not to mention the damage to our fingers). We thought there must be an easier, quicker and simpler way to protect them. Enter CordCondom. The only charger protector that can claim to more then double the life of your charger cord and be installed in under 20 seconds with no risk of damaging your charger.

Application On Broken Charger Application On Broken Charger

The application is quite simple and we named the company quite abruptly after this product’s resemblance to the application of another well known colorful roll of rubber.

Simply fit the charger head into the CordCondom and roll the CordCondom down over the wire. Some quick adjustments to line it up straight and you’re good to go.

Application of CordCondom Application of CordCondom

CordCondom not only protects your charger but personalizes it so you’ll always know which charger is yours and lower the risk of someone accidentally mistaking it for their own. We offer a choice of 7 colors to express your creativity.

5 out of 7 Colors Available For You to Be Creative 5 out of 7 Colors Available For You to Be Creative

We have decided to keep the price on our products affordable to help as many people as possible. We also offer free shipping anywhere in the world when you spend over $10.

Don’t delay, get yours today!

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