We’re all looking for ways to get our money to go further. And if you’re like me, you’ve probably already tried giving up your daily latte or getting a library card instead of buying pricey books at Chapters—all things that can save you hundreds of dollars a year.

But here’s 3 other simple things you can do for quick savings.

1. Buy your orange juice at Aldi

It pays to switch grocery stores. Surveys show that if you do all your shopping at a discount supermarket like Aldi, Winco or Trader Joes, you can save up to 22% on your weekly shopping bill.

That means if you normally spend $100 a week at your local higher end grocery store, the same basket of food would cost you just $78 at Aldi for a savings of $22 week—or $1,144 per year.

Save Money on Groceries - CordCondom

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2. Visit Starbucks after work or school

But not for a latte on the run. Instead, skip dinner at a restaurant and catch up with friends by agreeing to meet for a blonde roast coffee and sweet chocolate treat after work or school.

The cost? Just $10 each per visit versus $25 at a restaurant—a savings of $15 every time—easy money in your pocket without sacrificing cherished time with your friends.

3. Use your iPhone more but visit the Apple store less

Just buy a charger-saver. I bet you’ve had this problem. Your charger starts shredding—again—meaning another $30 trip to the Apple store.

Forget that. Simply buy a 3-pack of CordCondoms for $8.97 today at cordcondom.com

CordCondoms work by protecting the part of you charger that is most likely to break. They also allow you to personalize your charger and add grip which makes it much easier to plug and unplug your phone.

Save money by protecting chargers - CordCondom

Most iPhone users buy two chargers a year, costing you $60 or so annually. With Cordcondom, you buy your charger once, roll on a Cordcondom in seconds and your charger is good to go for twice as long as a regular charger—saving you about $50 a year on new charger purchases.

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