If you’re in love with some of your can’t-do-without electronic devices like your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, join the club. Apple products are awesome, and anyone who has taken an awesome photo, asked Siri for directions, found a greasy spoon around the corner, and sent a whacky 20 second video clip to 500 people at once all in the span of 10 minutes can attest. That begs the question: if Apple makes such great products, then why is that their chargers are constantly fraying and breaking, testing the will of each consumer to the limits. Why is it that, for all of the high-quality, tech-driven, death-defying electronics that come from the company, that their chargers make us want to break the closest piece of furniture on a daily basis? The answer is complex, but the best explanation is thus:

First, the issue

The main issue with chargers is that they begin to break where the base of the charger meets the cable. We’ve all had the experience of seeing the crack forming at the base and slowly spiralling into a fit of rage as we patiently wait for that iPhone bleep and to see the bolt of lightning appear next to the bar. This could be because there is no strain relief on the cable. Look at any Apple charger, and you’ll see a clean transition between the cable and the USB insert. It’s aesthetically pleasing. On most non-Apple products, there is usually a set of “rings” meant to relieve the pressure of bending at a severe angle. It looks like we’re on to something…



There are a few issues at stake here when talking about chargers, and although neither have been proven, they are the best answers we have.

●     Aesthetics – it’s rumored that Apple’s design team has ultimate control since the company cares so dearly about its minimalist image. We have to admit that their chargers look WAY better than ugly, 3rd-party ones. They probably sacrificed durability for the sake of better looks.

●     Convenience – Apple knows that its average consumer is always on the run. The materials they’ve used for their chargers aren’t the strongest, but they are light enough to carry with ease and easy to roll up and throw in a bag. It’s a fair tradeoff.

The CordCondom solution

This extra pressure and lack of strain relief is exactly what we’ve designed our CordCondom products to combat. We’ve invented a product that solves the issues that Apple so menacingly put onto its consumers. Within 20 seconds, you’ll have a solution that will help extend the life of your chargers and you’ll still have that sleek and beautiful look Apple’s design team wanted.

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Apple may have sacrificed durability for better looks and convenience, but you don’t have to with CordCondom.