Life is full of difficult challenges, none more so than keeping your iPhone charged. Let’s face it, life in the modern world revolves around your smartphone, and if you need to be connected to society at all times, or find yourself in an emergency situation, the last thing you want to see is a red bar.

The problem is that we rarely have the time it takes to sit around and wait until the phone is charged. If there were only some tips the experts knew that could help people charge their phones faster; some hacks that could change our on-the-go lives as we knew them…

There are! Use these three iPhone charge hacks and you can have a green battery in no time!

Change your phone to Airplane Mode

Let’s just start with the simplest one. You don’t need any extra equipment. Just put your phone on Airplane Mode, plug in your iPhone charger (that we hope practices safe charging with a Cord Condom), and watch with joy as your battery surges toward green at an accelerated rate.

Use an iPad power adapter to charge your iPhone

In a rush and desperately need to turbocharge your phone’s battery? Use an iPad charger for mega charging capabilities. The higher power wattage will instantly boost your battery, sometimes in as little as a few minutes.

The 12W or 10W adapters work much faster than 5W ones, but do exercise some caution. We recommend only using this method in emergencies when a battery boost is needed. There’s a chance that overuse could damage your phone.

Use a battery pack instead of charging your phone

External battery packs are the ultimate in convenience and efficiency. Not only can you slip it in your pocket and take it anywhere, it provides maximum efficiency throughout your day. Some take as little as 30 minutes to fully charge and offer enough juice to charge your smart phone several times throughout the day. You’ll never get caught a sticky charging situation again.

There’s no need to ever go through life without a fully-charged phone. With these three iPhone charging hacks, you’ll be set to take on the world. That is, as long as you have a functioning iPhone cable to charge with. Of course, you’re already using Cord Condom protection sleeves that help your iPhone charger last longer, so you’ve got nothing to worry about, right?