You wouldn’t dare leave the house wearing a muddy T-shirt, so why let your iPhone and charger get all smudged and dusty? After all, your phone says just as much about you as your fashion accessories (don’t believe me? Just think about the weird kid sitting in the back row with his flip phone). Not only will a dirty iPhone bring shame upon you, but it will also decrease its life! That’s right; dust, dirt, and grease are not friends of your iPhone or charger. Here are some tips to keep your iPhone and charger looking brand spankin’ new (practicing safe charging with a CordCondom automatically helps make your charger look spiffy, so don’t forget that either).

Wash your hands before touching the phone, please!

Yep, sometimes it’s just as easy as that. We tend to grab our phones multiple times throughout meals, at the gym, and during work, so there’s no knowing what sort of grime could end up on your screen (and, subsequently, pressed up against your face). Regular hand washing will remove the number one cause of a squalid iPhone: your dirty digits!

Keep a clean cloth handy

Invest in a microfiber, lint-free cloth (you can get them at tech stores or glasses shops) to clean the surfaces and screen of your iPhone. It’s important to use a dry cloth of this type to prevent the oil-resistant coating on your screen from being taken off. If your fingerprints are acting especially stubborn, you can use a small bit of water to dampen the cloth, but be careful not to go near any openings, like the charger port or the headphone jack!

Never use household cleaning products or compressed air

Apple is pretty adamant about never using household cleaning supplies or compressed air to clean your iPhone or charger. It might be tempting to just spray that screen with a little Windex, but chemical products can get in the nooks and crannies of your phone and corrode the circuits. Compressed air might be an effective and super fun way to clean your keyboard and freak out your cat, but a high-pressure blast of air into your iPhone can make systems go haywire.

CordCondom (Warning: We might be biased)

Protecting your charger and keeping it clean is just as imperative to the life of your iPhone as any other hygienic measure. Rolling a CordCondom over your charger’s cord is an easy way to customize your charger, keep it clean, and protect it from damage. When it comes time to clean your Cordcondom, just roll it off, wash and dry well, and stick it back on. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Your iPhone is the crux of your life. It’s been there for you in the best and worst of times, so it’s time to start showing it the love it deserves! Wash your hands before touching it, keep it clean with a cloth, and always practice safe charging with a CordCondom.