(Pack of 2) Charging Cable Protector - CordCondom

(Pack of 2) Charging Cable Protector - CordCondom

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CordCondom rolls on in seconds and provides protection, grip and personalization to your charger.

Fits on all iPhone/iPad Lightning Cables, Most Micro USB's, Most USB-C Type Chargers and MagSafe 1 Charger (Non Retina Display Macbook)

Includes two CordCondoms and two Silitapes to protect two chargers


Purchase the dual pack of CordCondoms to protect multiple devices and save big while doing it!

A charging cable protector is the only way to prevent the wear and tear that slowly eats away at the chargers that we hold dear. Without the extra support and prevention from bunching, tugging, and bending, your cable is inevitably doomed to start fraying (along with your sanity).

There are some out there that only have one device. Just one phone, tablet, or other contraption that helps them work, learn, play, or talk to everyone on the planet instantly. Not you. You’ve got two (or you’re just thinking ahead in case you lose one!). That’s exactly who this deal is for.

The best thing about buying the dual pack, aside from having two awesome CordCondoms, is now you’ve unlocked the power of the oldest economic weapon: economies of scale!

Save big by buying two charging cable protectors at once!

This pack of two comes with two protector sleeves that roll on in just seconds, are compatible with multiple devices, and look sleek while doing so!

To understand your savings better, imagine this scenario:

You don’t buy these cable savers and instead you buy two new chargers when they break (they will break). You’ve just spent $60. Now imagine that you have to do this multiple times. Now add in the time you spend in the car, the money for gas, and the waiting in line to pay. It adds up quickly.

Instead of all of that, you can buy two CordCondoms for less than $5. That’s massive savings. Not only do you save money off of the price of just one charging cable protector, you save tons of money in potential losses down the road. That’s the power of the dual pack!

Compatible with:

●     iPhone/iPad lightning cables

●     Most micro-USB’s

●     Most USB-C chargers

●     And the Mag Safe 1 Charger (non-Retina Display Macbook)

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Customer Reviews:

I applied the cord condom very easily and so far it seems to be protecting my cord from bending as much as it used to. Definitely does add needed grip to the charger as well.”
I received my cordcondom 4 days after ordering it. I was most impressed by the silitape, it was a really cool tape that didn’t feel sticky at all but stuck incredibly well to itself and the condom. Great stuff guys, I look forward to making this charger last.
Ordered this to put on my Galaxy charger, arrived in about a week. Was a bit tough to put on the first time but the second time was much easier, I rolled it on backwards the first time but then realized the first step in the instructions was to make sure it was facing the right way so that was mostly my fault. It’s a good product and after 2 weeks of use i’m quite happy with it, the pink looks nice and is easy to find in my purse.