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(Pack Of 3) Apple Lightning Cable And Samsung Micro Usb Protector – Cordcondom


Cordcondom Rolls On In Seconds And Provides Protection, Grip And Personalization To Your Charger.

Fits On All Iphone/ipad Lightning Cables, Most Micro USB’s, Most USB-c Type Chargers And Magsafe 1 Charger (Non Retina Display Macbook)

Cordcondom – Apple Lightning Cable And Samsung Micro USB Protector – Pack Of 3

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Product Description

They say that good things come in 3’s. They are definitely right about that!

In the market for a new Apple Lightning or Samsung Micro USB charger? Wish you weren’t?

By now, you’ve probably noticed that the cables that come with your phones are always bending, twisting, and fraying their ways into uselessness, forcing you to go out and spend a lot more money than you want to just to get your phone a charge. CordCondom wants to put an end to all of that immediately.

Our three pack of Apple Lightning and Samsung Micro USB charger protectors are the ultimate answer in charger sleeves, helping your cables get the support they need on a daily basis to last longer.

Buy CordCondoms now for big savings!

Buying either of these chargers at list price will easily run you a lot more than it should. Even if you manage to find knock offs, used items, or discounts around the web, you’re still going to be paying a lot more for these things than you should be. That’s because you shouldn’t be paying at all! Chargers should last.

At less than $10, you pay approximately 1/3rd of the retail price of a new charger for 3 CordCondoms, each one guaranteed to extend the life of the charger that you’re using now.

Get yourself our Apple Lightning cable and Samsung Micro-USB protectors for big savings!

Compatible with:

● iPhone/iPad lightning cables

● Most micro-USB’s

● Most USB-C chargers

● And the Mag Safe 1 Charger (non-Retina Display Macbook)

Includes three CordCondoms and Silitape to protect three chargers


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