Single - iPhone Cable Protector - CordCondom

Single - iPhone Cable Protector - CordCondom


CordCondom rolls on in seconds and provides protection, grip and personalization to your charger.

Fits on all iPhone/iPad Lightning Cables, Most Micro USB's, Most USB-C Type Chargers and MagSafe 1 Charger (Non Retina Display Macbook)

Includes a single CordCondom and Silitape to protect one charger

Cordcondom - iPhone Cable Protector - Single

So you’re the kind of person that has just one device that they cherish. That phone or tablet that they take everywhere with them and never want to be away from (it’s OK if you sleep with it under your pillow, too!).

We totally get you, and we’ve got your back.

If you want to give your precious device the charge that it needs to keep you occupied all day, then you’ll do just fine with our single iPhone cable protector.

It’ll roll on in mere seconds, providing all of the stability, protection, and awesome personalization that you could ever want.

We definitely don’t want you to get stuck buying in bulk when you don’t need to (and we certainly don’t want you to have to constantly buy new chargers!), so that’s why we offer just the single piece in our stock at such a low price. Just for you (that’s you the reader, by the way).

For just $3.50, our single iPhone charger protector rings up almost 90% cheaper than your typical Apple charger from the store. Sounds like an awesome deal to us.

For less than a cup of coffee at Starbucks you get:

●     Extra support so your chargers don’t break

●     Fewer agonizing trips to the store or sleepless nights fighting with your charging cable

●     Savings of almost 90% over buying a new charger

Our Cordcondom single iPhone charger protector is compatible with:

●     iPhone/iPad lighting cables

●     Most micro USB’s

●     Most USB-C chargers

●     And the MagSafe 1 Charger (non-Retina Display Macbook)

Includes a single Cordcondom and Silitape to protect it.

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Customer Reviews:

5 Star Rating
I applied the cord condom very easily and so far it seems to be protecting my cord from bending as much as it used to. Definitely does add needed grip to the charger as well.
— Esteban Y, (Vancouver, Canada)
4 star rating
I received my cordcondom 4 days after ordering it. I was most impressed by the silitape, it was a really cool tape that didn’t feel sticky at all but stuck incredibly well to itself and the condom. Great stuff guys, I look forward to making this charger last.
— Jacob T, (San Diego, CA)
5 star review
Ordered this to put on my Galaxy charger, arrived in about a week. Was a bit tough to put on the first time but the second time was much easier, I rolled it on backwards the first time but then realized the first step in the instructions was to make sure it was facing the right way so that was mostly my fault. It’s a good product and after 2 weeks of use i’m quite happy with it, the pink looks nice and is easy to find in my purse.
— Cindy H, (Austin, TX)