Why You Shouldn’t Bother With Cheap iPhone Chargers


There are few things less irritating than surfing the web during your long commute and then seeing the battery drop into the red zone. Time is running out…again.

Having to charge your iPhone several times a day is quite the nuisance, one that forces millions of people across the world to invest in extra chargers.

Apple products aren’t the cheapest though.

It’s hard to resist the temptation of cheap chargers, but recent research has shown that they are not guaranteed to be safe (in addition to having a short lifespan). It’s best to stick with the real deal—or, even better, avoid buying a new charger because you protected your current one with a Cord Condom.

Here’s why you shouldn’t bother with a cheap iPhone charger:

99% fail basic safety tests.

There has been a lot of  media coverage recently about the 1%, and we aren’t talking about the top 1% of people that own all the wealth in the world! In a recent study conducted by UL, a brand protection company, 99% of counterfeit chargers failed basic safety tests. That means only 1% were found to be totally safe.

Certain “failures” within the adapters and chargers revolved around factors like lacking basic insulation, and using plugs that were the wrong size. It might cost more money to buy from a trusted supplier, but it is usually worth it.

There are some reputable brands that are “knock offs”, so as long as you stick to ones with recognized safety ratings, you should be fine. Just know you won’t be getting the same longevity or quality.


Spotting a fake

Buying a second-hand charger from a booth at a market? Here are a few things to look out for:

●      Normal-sized plug pins

●      “CE” safety mark

●      Safety instructions

The brand names will include all relevant info, be certified, and always have standard plugs.


The best solution? Avoid buying new plugs altogether

The best way to prevent having to make the arduous choice between potentially unsafe fakes that could let off a few sparks and the more expensive real deal is by avoiding the situation altogether. The way to do that is by extending the life of your current trusty charger. Cord Condoms help us all practice safe charging and can help make your cords last for years!