CordCondom Application Animation on iPhone charger
CordCondom Application Animation on iPhone charger

Protect your iPhone charger cable with CordCondom

Does the scene of an iPhone charger cable fraying feel painfully familiar to you? Are you constantly running back to the store to buy your 6th cable in 6 months while your phone gasps for air? Put an end to all of that with the CordCondom cable saver , the iPhone charger & Android charger cable protector.

In less than 15 seconds, you can extend the life of your cables, save money, and make your chargers look great.

CordCondom wants to revolutionize electronics accessories efficiency by providing a cost-effective way to help people worldwide practice safe charging. With our stylish cable savers, you can effortlessly save money, save trips to the iPhone charger store, and save mother nature by keeping thousands of chargers out of landfills each year.

Roll CordCondom onto your current iPhone charger or android charger in seconds and you’re good to go!

Application on iPhone charger

iPhone Charger Protector Applied


Ever notice that your iPhone chargers tend to break in roughly the same area each time? That’s due to the design. In an effort to make cables easier to carry around and maintain that sleek appearance that we all love; most chargers are inherently flawed: there’s no strain relief where the cable meets the plug.

That means every time you pull the cable to unplug your phone, stuff that iPhone charger into your pocket on your way to class, or roll it up and throw it in a bag on your way to work, you are putting unbearable strain on the meeting point of the plug and cable, causing it to fray (and causing you a lot of rage).

The result? More money spent, more trips to the store, and more plastic in landfills. We want to put an end to that. Cordcondom rolls effortlessly onto the end of the charger, fitting snugly into place on the most sensitive area of the iPhone charger. The added support and stability provided by our rigorously tested cable savers will help your precious iPhone charger last for ages. The added grip when you unplug your phone, added support when you roll it up, and extra support for when it’s mangled up in your pocket or a bag will prevent the regular wear and tear that causes your heartache.

The benefits of our iPhone cable protector don’t stop there, either….

The iPhone and Android Charger Cable Protector and Cable Saver.

Tired of your iPhone charger or android charger always needing a fix?
Just roll on a CordCondom.

Progression of iPhone charger cable breaking

The process is simple, as long as your charger still connects to your phone you can extend it’s lifetime by applying a CordCondom

Charger protectors work by adding additional strength to the weakest points of your chargers they take longer to wear out

Applying a CordCondom when the charger is new will show better results than waiting for it to begin to wear.

If you are not currently using a CordCondom, use of the charger is important. never pull your charger from the cable when unplugging it but instead try to unplug the cord from the small hard plastic head. This applies to both ends, Lightning, Micro, USB-A or USB-C


Our goal is to create products that extend the life of some of your much-loved electronic products—especially chargers. Only after passing our extensive tests will you see a product we feel is good enough to sell on our site.

CordCondom Applied on Chargers for Protection and personalization
CordCondom iPhone charger protector before application on cable


We aim to protect your mobile devices and iPhone chargers for as long as possible. We all love our phones and as a result, they take a beating. That means dead batteries and broken or malfunctioning iPhone chargers. Protect your iPhone charger cable now with a CordCondom.

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iPhone Charger CordCondoms come in 7 colors and fit multiple chargers

The aim? To protect your iPhone charger cables and provide better grip while allowing
you to choose the color you want so you always know which cord is yours.

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