Having an iPhone is a fashion statement in itself. Colorful ear buds and bedazzled cases can be found on runways and sidewalks alike— but what about the charger?

Your iPhone charger is one of the most important accessories you have. Without its life-giving energy, you’d just be a sad, phoneless 90s kid again! So why not celebrate your charger by giving it a little fashion love of its own?

Why Deck Out Your iPhone Charger?

Tricking out your charger with a little ring bling has a lot more benefits than just making you the coolest kid on the block (although that is a pretty good one!). Here’s what dressing up your charger can do for you:

· Make a Difference. After you’ve given your charger a makeover, there won’t be another one in the world that looks exactly like it. No one will ever walk away with your charger by mistake again (though they might take it out of envy!). In fact, personal identification is one of the main reasons our customers shop at CordCondom!
· Protect and Serve. Decorating your charger can also help protect it. Accessories like CordCondom make your charger look great and increase its lifespan considerably.
· Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Using household materials like tape, wrapping paper, and shoelaces to deck out your charger is a great way to turn garbage into gold. Alternatively, using a CordCondom will prevent your charger from ending up in a landfill anytime soon (plus we use some of our profits to plant trees!).

Fashion Tips for Your iPhone Charger

Colorful Duct tape

This is an easy and fun way to give your charger a great new look. Simply grab a few rolls of colored duct tape and some scissors, and go to town! You won’t need to add glue or wait around for anything to dry. All you need is your imagination. You could use the colours of your favourite sports team, replicate the logo of a beloved band, or just wrap your cord in a rainbow of colour!


CordCondom is the best way to give your charger a boost in style and protection. With plenty of vivid colours to choose from, your charger will surely match your iPhone’s shade or your unique personality. CordCondom easily slides onto your charger’s plug and stays snugly in place to guarantee safe charging. Does your style change like the weather? CordCondoms come in 3 and 6-packs of varying hues, so you’ll never go out of style.


Don’t pretend you haven’t thought about it…Adding a little glitter to your iPhone charger can make it stand out in the crowd without adding any weight or clutter. Just paint a little glue around the body of the plug (be careful not to get any glue inside the port or on the prongs!) and roll it carefully around in your preferred color of glitter. When you’re done, your charger will be all glam without adding a gram!

Let’s make boring, plain white chargers a thing of the past! Protect your charger and make it look great by getting crafty and getting CordCondom.