Cheap iPhone chargers aren’t actually that cheap at all. In fact, since you’ll be buying a new one every few weeks, you’re actually paying more than you’d spend if you had just bought a real one. It gets worse—cheap cables sometimes don’t work…or they might even explode…Seriously.

We scoured the reviews section of the world’s largest retailer to see just what consumers had to say about cheap iPhone chargers. Hint: things weren’t good.

Here were some of the main concerns:

Charge Cycling

Turns out that “basic” cables and other imitations are as hot and cold as a celebrity couple. A few angry customers described the horror of watching their smartphone cycle between charging and not charging every few seconds. Not only did it make it hard to get a full battery, they had to suffer with hearing the “now charging” ding on loop. It’s a welcomed sound when you’ve got no battery, but if you hear it on repeat 24/7, it’s bound to drive you crazy.

Short Lifespan

We don’t really know what you’d expect for $7, but many customers were irked by the fact that they barely got a few decent months from their cables. One review even went so far as to say it flat out didn’t work after two months. If you’re a heavy iPhone user (who isn’t?!), then it could last even fewer months than that. The cheaper the cable, the shorter it’s gonna last.

Hint: Did we mention that Cord Condoms extend the life of your charging cables by months?

Doesn’t Work/Not Recognized

The only thing worse than having a cable break just a few weeks after buying is buying a cable that flat out doesn’t work. A common problem across all cheaper cables was that iPhones, iPads, and other devices didn’t recognize the cables. Some cables were able to charge but not transfer data while others were able to do neither. Looks like buying the generic brand is a shot in the dark.

They Explode. No, Seriously. They Explode.

A few negative reviews claimed the cables got so hot that they made the phone too hot to touch. Others complained that the cables themselves were too hot to remove from the charging dock. But the ones that really caught our attention were the ones where the cables literally exploded or melted overnight. A handful of negative reviews claimed that the cable head literally exploded, revealing hot wires underneath and even starting a fire on the nightstand.

If you need to buy a new cable, don’t go the cheap route and buy an imitation. They don’t last if they even do work in the first place. They might even explode. You’ll actually save money in the long run if you go with the real thing and practice safe charging by sliding a Cord Condom over the cable to extend its life!