A breaking phone charger is something most of us are way to familiar with. If you haven’t broken a phone charger yet then please comment because you are doing something right. For all of the rest of us, we have put together a post with every possible way we could conceive of to easily protect your charger from the comfort of your own home.

Do breaking chargers like this look familiar to you?  Do breaking chargers like this look familiar to you?

#1 The Pen Spring Technique.

This technique is up first, not because it is the best but because it is the most common way people use to protect chargers. It’s also cheap, quick and definitely makes a charger stronger then without anything applied.

The spring repair technique for breaking chargers

#2 The CordCondom Technique

Full Disclosure, we actually invented this unique and fun way to protect and personalize chargers. We were so tired of this problem that we created a product to make it easier for all of you. CordCondom rolls on in under 20 seconds and provides greater protection then all other techniques we have tested so far. CordCondom also has one of the lowest costs at only $3.50 with Free Global 1 week shipping if you spend over $10. You can grab your CordCondom HERE

CordCondom Charger Protector Application CordCondom Charger Protector Application

#3 The ParaCord Technique

This technique is really cool for people who have a bit more time to apply (took us about 10 minutes) but the results look really cool and it will surely get some compliments from friends as it looks pretty complex after it’s on. Check it out below.

The Paracord Charger Protector Technique The Paracord Charger Protector Technique

#4 The Bracelet Technique

We really liked this technique because of its personalization of the entire charger cord. Although it took a bit of time for us to apply, we found the results well worth the work because of the really cool look of your new charger.

The Bracelet Technique The Bracelet Technique

#5 The Heat Shrink Technique

Heat shrink works really well but a word of caution from us, be very careful when heating the heat shrink sleeve as there is a chance of damaging your wire if the heat is too concentrated for a long enough period of time. Only attempt this technique if you are confident with using heat shrink tubing.

All you need to do is grab some heat shrink at the local hardware store. You are looking for dimensions of 1/4″ interior diameter and 1:3 heat shrink ratio. Slip the tube over the head of your charger and apply heat from a hair dryer or lighter (we recommend the hair dryer although it takes much longer.)

Heat Shrink Technique Heat Shrink Technique

For even better protection try using the heat shrink technique on top of the pen spring technique.

# 6 The Silicone Putty Technique

This technique was really cool and easy to apply. be sure that you are able to leave your charger overnight for the glue to dry before attempting this technique. To start you’ll have to grab some Sugru on their online store. The price is a bit steep as you have to purchase a pack of 3 and pay a $3 shipping fee. you can get a 3 pack at your doorstep for $15 USD.

The application was really fun and Sugru can be used for many other purposes so you should have no trouble finishing a 3 pack.

The Sugru Technique The Sugru Technique

Despite being quite costly, we had some fun with this technique and would recommend it

Even though we are running our own online store selling charger protectors, we recognize that consumers do have some really good alternatives to choose from to suit their own needs in terms of time and money that they would feel comfortable spending.

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